Pamoja Milele (Together Forever). pt 1

“Together Forever”

As I flustered my eye lids opened I notice the room was too bright. It took me some few seconds to get focused on any object. The ceiling was all white with florescent tubes shinning everywhere. Tubes all around me, some going in and others coming out, a woman’s voice was coming from a small TV hanged at the corner of the room and I noticed that the room looks familiar. Yes, it looks almost like a scene from my favorite TV program Greys Anatomy. I tried moving my head sideways and noticed I couldn’t move it, there was something holding it in place. I could hear noises from within and outside the room, some I recognized and others I didn’t.

A rather fat woman came around my bed, she must be the matron judging from her white uniform and the way other nurses stayed behind her taking and smiling. she look to be in her early sixties, you would have imagine for a medical practitioner and a nurse at that she would take proper care of her body just standing there looking at me as if she just discovered the care to Ebola. This must be their own version of Dr. Bailey, although she doesn’t look too confident rather she looked  astounded that I opened my eyes, the nurses where whispering until finally the Dr. Bailey told someone to get the doctor.

I have always fantasized that if I ever landed in a hospital, I should be treated by Dr. Derek (Mc Dreamy) or Dr. Sloan (Mc steamy) but if none of them were available I would settle for Dr. Yang. I could hear footsteps but couldn’t turn to see who it was, then she came within my line of sight. It was my mum, I could see the tears streaming down her face as she looked at me, and choked with emotions she said my name softly as if saying it loud will hurt me. Then other faces came into view my sister, my brother and lovely sister in-law.

Suddenly I came to my senses. Why am I here? Where is my husband? Why aren’t we on our honeymoon? Where is he? I tired saying something but my voice refuses to cooperate. They could all see me struggling, my eyes popping, my body jerking then I heard the doctor ordering everybody out of the room. One of the nurses led my family members out of the room while another one was reading my chart and stat. I could see the doctor giving instructions to everybody and before I know it the matron stabbed me with a very full injection and slowly I began to drift into darkness, the last thing I saw was the face of the doctor and he wasn’t my McDreamy.

That was six month two weeks ago today. Standing in front of my husband’s grave, feeling shivery even though I was dressed for the weather. Staring at the headstone tears slowly dropped from my eyes as I fell on my knees and start reading the inscription on it,

“Oh Lord we put him in thy hands.

His mission on earth fulfilled.

No man is indispensable but some are irreplaceable.

Fond memories linger everyday. Remembrance keeps you near.

The world’s loss is Heaven’s gain.

A wonderful Son and a loving Husband.

Good night dear heart, good night”

“Good night dear” I said silently as I dabbed the tears from my eyes. Who told them his mission here on earth is complete? Although he would really have been a great husband if not for the accident that took him away from me just two days after our wedding.

Remembering that wet afternoon has been something I’ve been running from but for long? I tried blocking it out of my memory but it wouldn’t go. I tried replacing it with some other memory but it just wouldn’t leave.

We met by fate. I was traveling to Abuja for a project defense with my then boss. On the flight I became unwell and nauseous, as I was rushing to the rest room to throw up I bump into this man and due to the impact of the contact I threw up on him. I was totally ashamed of myself and couldn’t bring myself to look at him. The incident brought more than a few gaze and comment towards us as if they were excepting the man to slap me or insult me which in that moment I’ll gladly receive without fickle. My boss came to my rescue as she immediately start begging the man and promise to buy him a new pair of shirt and trousers to replace the one I’ve soiled. To everybody’s surprise the man merely wave away my boss request instead he knelt down in front of me and raise my chin to look directly into my eyes and simply said “My dear it’s okay, I don’t even like the shirt in the first place”. I couldn’t say anything instead I just opened my mouth like ‘Demba Ba’. His comment drew laughter and applause from the rest passenger.

My boss and I excused ourselves as my boss helped me to the rest room. I started crying immediately the door was closed shut..

“Why are you crying Kate?”

“I have embarrassed you and disgrace myself not to talk of the gentleman I just threw up on”

“Come on dear don’t beat yourself up, it could happen to anyone of us” my boss said helping me clan my face with water. “and moreover I think he likes you”, she said laughing after finally helping me out.

That’s my boss Dr. (Mrs.) Jemila Johnsons. She might be 61years old and some 30 something years older than me but she treats me like her daughter. People even assume we are related because of the way we relate. We eat together in office, infact whenever she goes to buy cloth or something for her daughter she will get mine too.