Pamoja Milele (Together Forever) pt. 3



“Oh not again”, was the words that came out of my mouth as i turned and saw his face. It was the guy from the plane, this time he was wearing a sky blue coloured T. shirt which matches the colour of his eyes. Why didn’t I notice that earlier on from the plane. With him was this pretty looking girl, which by the way she was holding his hands and trying frantically to remove the stain from his shirt looks more like is wife or fiancé than a girlfriend.

My friends were all trying to clean him up while all I could do was just open my big mouth and no sound was coming out of it. He too was just staring at me like “You again?”.
It was the girls with him that finally broke the silence between us. She said ” Hey young lady, why don’t you look at where you are going to. You just ruin a perfectly good shirt ”
“Am so so sorry, I didn’t know someone was standing behind me”, i said and added “am ready to pay for whatever demand I’ve caused”.
“There is no need for that my dear” he said smiling mischievously
“But I just got you this Top”, she replied him but her eyes was on me.
“Sir it was an honest mistake and we can replace it or pay for it since we are at the mall”, my friend Pat tried to help me out.
“Like I said earlier on, there is no need for that” leaning close to Pat and whispering “actually its the second time today she is helping me getting reed of shirts I don’t like”. and Pat was giggling after he withdrew back.
The anger in her face was clear, she wasn’t taking the situation lightly but before she could say anything, he did.
“My dear, this is the beautiful lady from the plane this morning I told you about”, he said trying to introduce us.
“Sorry I didn’t get your name earlier today”, he said turning to me “Mine is Deji”
“Mmm  my name is Kate and these are my friends Patricia and Tinuke” I said waiting for him to introduce his angry looking wife to us, when he got the feeling that we were waiting for him he said, “Oh sorry, this lovely lady with me is Kemi”, he said drawing her into a hug and you can see the anger subside a little. But why am I feeling like a School girl who has just met the main girl of his boyfriend. Then he added ” She is my sister”.

They could all see the relief on my face and immediately I felt ashamed. Pat came to my rescue as she broke the silence and told them we were on our way to watch a movie that’s about to start. As we exchange goodbyes and left I noticed that he was searching for my eyes but I couldn’t give him that satisfaction.
As we took our seat at the back of the cinema to watch a latest movie “Black November”. My mind wasn’t really on the big screen but on the face I saw earlier. The face that has become constant. There is that confident smile he has that can disarm even an armed-robber. I tired seriously to concentrate on the movie but I couldn’t. Something must be wrong because I wasn’t myself anymore. Tinu noticed it and asked me if I was okay but I told her I was fine and we should continue our movie.
At the end of the movie some couples sitting a few rolls down where clapping while others simply move out of the hall.

On the drive back to my hotel we talked and laughed but they could feel I wasn’t really with them. Tinuke finally asked as I was about to get down. “girl you have been acting funny since we saw that guy, is there anything you are not telling us?.
“Not really, it just that he makes me feel some how”,
“Somehow like?”, Pat asked.
“You know what i mean but its not important anymore cause we are not going to see again”, I replied
“Never say never dear”, Tinuke said smiling..
We said our good nights and i promise to call them immediately after our meeting was done”.
The hotel hall was still lively and active. I decided to take the stairs in order to clear my head, but it didn’t help at all because I was on my floor before I know it. As I was swiping my key card on the door, the opposite door opened and it was my boss standing in her night wear and smiling at me.
“How did it go dear?”
“Fine ma, we had fun and the girls sends there regards”,
“There is something different about you”, she said looking at me her like mother her looks at the chick. But before I could affirm or deny it she said,
“Don’t worry, you will tell me tomorrow, go get yourself a good night rest and be ready for tomorrow”
“OK ma, goodnight”, I said suddenly feeling tired.
“Night dear”, she replied as she softly close her door.
I went straight to the shower, took off my clothes and stand still while the water ran down my body. It was refreshing having the water wash away my stress and dissolving my thinking. After the bath I went straight to the bed. It was a welcome feeling, very soft bed and complimenting bedsheets. I set my phone alarm to wake me up at 6am the next day. That was the last thing I remembered before I heard a knock on my door the next morning.

On our way to the meeting i filled her in about the whole cinema saga with Deji, and my boss laughed till tears came off her eyes. We got to the meeting just in time before it started. Everybody was seated except the chairman of the company and his vice. The meeting was for the award of a multi millionaire project and we’re suppose to be commissioned as one of the consultants.

The chairman came in about 5 minutes late and was followed by some members of his administrative staffs and one person stood out for me. I couldn’t say anything but just opened my mouth without words coming out of it………