Maybe you missed it, this is brief version of the interview with our big Aunty on maiden edition of our KNOW YOUR FAMILY SERIES on Whatsapp on the 28th, Aug. 2016

I have the singular honor on behalf of the ADMINS & members of our family CHAT GROUP to welcome HAJIYA RABI IDI ADAMU mni, a DAUGHTER OF OUR GRAND FATHER and married to GENERAL IDI ADAMU Mni.

She is a graduate of Social Sciences from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and a member of the privileged Nigeria Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies. She retired from the Federal Civil Service as a Director early this year after 35years of meritorious service.

She is an enigma in her own right. Though she is a female, so many of us call her DADDY because she has touched so many of us positively in so many ways.

Making her a choice as our guest in the maiden edition of our KNOW YOUR FAMILY SERIES was a unanimous decision!

Hajiya,you are welcome to our cool seat:D
Ma so many of us have heard about you but not privileged to have met you,can you please introduce yourself to we your children:mrgreen:

Haj Rabi Atta: Yes, but I can proudly say that I know n relate with most of u. I am Mrs Rabi Idi Adamu mni, ur aunt . I just retired from the Federal government as a director.

Moderator: Alhamdulillah and Congratulations ma

Haj Rabi Atta: Thanks so much. I really appreciate u all

Moderator: How is life in retirement?

Haj Rabi Atta: Alhamdulillah. !

Moderator: Following our aunty’s impressive self-intro, the floor is now open for questions, please..

Haj Rabi Atta: Am waiting! !!

Kasim Usman: May Allah preserve you ma.
Please enlighten us about life back then in the family; how was grandpa’s daily interactions with his family like ma?

Haj Rabi Atta: Dat s a difficult one but I can only tell u how d little ones like me then related. He luv us as kids but would not spare any of us dat misbehaved. He likes eating wit us as well as giving us biscuits after Asr Pray. He like sitting on his ralaxing chair and we would play wit his white beard n turn by turn he would  ask us to bring our ears and  wud do kukukuruku in our ears turn by turn. It’s d luv showed us dat makes me luv any body dat has Atta’s blood. He is a father we all shud be proud of any day any time. Can go on n on about dis noble man. Ova to u!

Shehu Atta Kubura: I am Shehu Atta Kubura, May Allah grant our aunt long life and prosperity. My question is this why do we find it difficult helping one another often times l meet people and am challenged with that.

Haj Rabi Atta: Well, I can’t say why but as a blunt person, if u approach me wit a challenge  and I candidly  say I can’t help, just believe me but if it’s what I can do,  I, ll do it within a minute. As for dose dat would  nt help, reason is best known to dem.

Sherifat Shehu Atta: May Allah reward you abundantly our aunt, I am Sherifat Shehu Atta. My question is this when our grandfather was made  king did he give key positions to outsiders rather than family if no please why are we not emulating him and how can we emulate him to restore the family glory.

Haj Rabi Atta: Sherifah, thkx  n regards. Honestly, I was either not born den or a baby. Difficult to say. But one thing u should  know  is dat a child  shall either take afta d moda or fada. Dere4, wot Eva any of us is doing now is either emulating fada or moda or both combined.

Abdulmalik Baba Muh’d: Tnx you Mr. Moderator, Good afternoon ma. Sorry I came late.  May Allah continue to bless and guide u for us.. Ameen.
My name is Abdulmalik Baba Muh’d
My question ma is How can we restore the family to its pride of place? and also what’s your advice to the youth of the family

Haj Rabi Atta: D most important thing is to have d luv of the family at heart. Know d family value which is uprightness n let it b ur guiding principle.  Wot eva u become, respect ur elders cos no matter  how big or sophisticated LAGOS State becomes,, it can never b bigger or more important than NIGERIA. I wish to particularly commend d Abdulmalikis who give respect to both younger and older uncles . D younger ones should try to emulate dis humility. Also, luv one anoda Wetherby rich or poor.  Don’t pursue worldly things but tather let worldly pursue u  as it did to our great Alh Ibrahim  Onoruoiza Atta of bleesed memory. May Allah guide us right.

Jide Atta: My name is Jide Atta, May Allah (SWT) preserve and bless you Aunty. My question is “why is the palace of our grandpa left in such state of disrepair n derelict? I believe the edifice should be a monument of history of the heroes and heroines of the family for future generations.

Haj Rabi Atta: You re right my dear. D lack of unity in d family has brought us to where we are today.If some wants to give a facelift , bickering n lack of trust wud stop it. I vividly remember past efforts of our beloved brodas such as HE Adamu Atta, HMH Ado Ibrahim, Alh Mahmoud Atta, Alh Aliyu Atta that were not allowed to materialise n coupled with those that like taking sides with those dat have issues to settle. We shld learn to be neutral wen two or more hav issues to settle. You younger ones should take off from where ur uncles n aunties hav failed fly d kite from there. May Allah give you pple d will to do it.

Wahab Shehu Atta: My name is wahab shehu Atta…What do u think we can do to encourage descendants to visit home once a while to know more of our root.

Haj Rabi Atta: Thanks Wahab. Shud  plan d March 4th (date of dad’s death) better by letting family know about 3 months to d date so as to keep the date.  Once u get members buy in,  dere will b success.  Dat date is d most important to come 2gether at home.  My dota Nana  thkx n luv to my grand children.

Moderator: Though we could go on and on because this has been one very enlightening session, we have to bring this program to a close.

Apologies to those still warming up with questions, unfortunately, that’s all we can take for this session.

We are most grateful to our guest, our mother, for honouring us with her time. Though we didn’t start as scheduled, it was a most interesting & educative session. Avo ma.

To our brothers & sisters, there you have it – our maiden session! We apologize for a delayed start, and thank you for making it a successful one.

Lets do this again next week Sunday.