He has really interesting perspectives on family; and he is live online right now, to take your live questions & reactions.

But first, let’s read from him:


1. Your most memorable family moment?

Witnessing the turbaning of HRM Alhaji Ado Ibrahim as Ohinoyi of Ebirraland

2. Your personal family hero?

Our grand father HRM Atta Ibrahim

3. Would you go into business with family members? Give reasons

Alhamdulillah,I have done so manyΒ  business with family members in the past and certainly do not regret. Currently,I have a few things doing with some of us that I do not want to mention. With honest members of the family,your investment is safe.

4. Your assessment of Atta family today?

Out great family is in a state of comatose for the inability or rather selfishness of some of our uncles and aunties that wrongly believed that helping their brothers’ or sisters’ children will make them rival theirs. Alhamdulillah,they are now full of regrets.

5. Given the chance, one thing you would change in the family?

Selfishness of some of our uncles and aunties.This has really taken us back in the scheme of things in ebirraland talk less of Nigeria.

6. Would you marry from family? Give reasons.

Honestly,I never knew I could marry any of my cousins until some few years ago. If I had known,I would have married one so dear to me😰 REASONS, believe keeping it within is far better. And again we, either male or female are so unfortunate in marriage.


Q. Kashim Usman: Interesting answers, big bros. My question is: Would you say we the grandchildren have shown any departure from the mistakes of the past?

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: Alhamdulillah,we are gradually embracing inclusiveness now though some are towing that sick line. Insha Allahu,we shall overcome and return back to the vision of our grand father.

Q. Zubairu jide Atta: Thank u for accepting to be a guest. : question: a lot of descendants have never been home to ebiraland even on a visit to connect with roots and family or for many other reasons. Primarily because they don’t know where to go or stay. How can this matter be accommodated in our family revival?

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: @ Zubair,if we may recall our amenable ‘father’ Hajiya Rabi mentioned it on this platform that we should all cultivate the habit of going home especially during ganny’s remembrance anniversary that comes up March every year. As per accommodation,we have willing family members that can host the home coming ones. And note that we have numerous hotels and guest houses in Okene.

You can please liaise with the Admins of this platform led by Adai Rufai for our family yearly activities.

Q. ABDULMALIK BABA MUH’D: Tnx for doing dis today..Β  Question: how do u think we can bring to an end this selfishness within the family to an end.

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: Constant meeting and interaction like we have started on this platform.

Q. ABDULMALIK BABA MUH’D: Sir Question: what aspect of grandpa interests you the most, as your hero?

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: With our granny’s limited western education he then saw the future importance of western education in the scheme of things in Nigeria andΒ  he was able to send his children to best secondary schools & universities all over the world.

Q. Sherifat Shehu Atta: Thanks for accepting to be our guest. My question is this: would you marry a family who dated another member of the family before but did not end in marriage. Thanks sir

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: you are welcome my dearest, I am a Muslim and will strictly follow Islamic Injunction. My answer is a BIG YES

Q. AISHA SABIU ABDULMALIK: Question: talking about doing business with family, how will one address issues when a party defaults without harming family relations?

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: I draw up my business parameters from the onset and if I see it becoming delinquent,I apply the brakes before it affects our family relationship.

Q. Rahmatu Abdulmalik: Sir would you always stand by your family come rain come thunder?

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: Insha Allah I will always be their for my great family come what may. And I pray that when I answer the ultimate call,those of you alive will write that ANOTHER IBRAHIM ATTA lived and left his footprints in the family tradition.

Q. Yasir Abdulmalik: Can you tell us just 3 attributes you so much love about our Great grand father

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: (1) Honest (2) Patient (3) Futuristic

Q. Haj. Habiba Abdulwahab: How can we. bring up some of our cousins that are not interested in the meetings of the Forum.

A. Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta: We all reaching out to so many of them and the ADMINS have appointed regional representatives to reach out to the majority out there.

There you have it, brothers and sisters!
You’ll agree it’s been a one hour of very frank chat with our maiden guest, bros Ibrahim Baba Alabura Atta. We believe it can only better and more interesting from here. Meanwhile, be prepared to be our guest too!

Join us same day, same time, next week.

Cheers and have a lovely week! to everyone who contributed to today’s success. Let’s do it again next week.



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