She woke up to find me preparing to go out for a press conference which was called impromptu by the military spokesperson because there was a new development in the fight against the deadly insurgents. I could see her immediately checking under the cover if all her cloths where still on. I don’t know if it was relief I saw or disappointment on her face but there was definitely something there. she was on her underwear because I had to remove her cloths for them to dry. The cloths were hanging on the chair close to the bed. I left to go to the parlor to give her room to dress. After some minutes she came to the parlor fully dressed although her top was not buttoned down.

“I really can’t remember what happened last night” she started, “I hope I didn’t make a fool of myself and disgrace you”. She said hiding her face behind the curtain.
“No my dear, I got you out of there in time before you could do any of that”
“am sorry if I caused you any embarrassment”
“forget it because you didn’t, but those idiots that spikes your drink will get a word or two from me”
“please don’t go get into trouble because of me”, she said while hiding her smile behind the curtain.
“there is food in the kitchen, I know you didn’t eat to bed last night and must be hungry”, I said picking my files and ready to go.
“haba mana, you should have woken me up to prepare it”, this time she said it frowning and folding her tinny hands in front of her small pointed breast. Ha! those perfectly shaped breast again. This time they were pointing straight at me and the nipples were all hard. Damn! I’ve to get this feeling away, it’s not healthy for me to be thinking of her in that manner. She must have noticed what was happening because before I tear my eyes from her body she was gradually covering herself with the towel hanging on the door.
“you were sleeping peacefully and didn’t want to disturb you and more over you have been the one cooking for me, so let’s change that for once.” I said gathering my folders and gadgets.
“Ok, ba matsala” she said coming into the room and she asked, “abin da lokaci za ku yi baya?”
I looked at her puzzled and said “you know I don’t understand Hausa, so what is it you were saying?
She laughed so loud and sweet that her pleasant-sounding voice filled the room.
“I was only enquiring what time you will be back”
“you should have just said that in English na” I said
“but I want you to improve on your Hausa before you leave here”
“I will”, I said and added “and to answer your previous question, I’ll be back later in the day”.
“ok I’ll clean the house and prepare soup down for you before you come back”
“do you have money to do that?”
“did I ask you for any money?” she said coming towards me and pushing me out toward the door. “you have to leave now so that I can start doing my housework”
“Okay am leaving” I said smiling

As I was about opening the door there was a sudden knock on the door. Jason Adekunle my colleague was at the door. He is a nosey fella and wouldn’t want him to see Hadiza in my house this early morning dressed this way but it was already too late for that because immediately after knocking, he opened the door. I notice the reaction on Jason’s face as he saw Hadiza hurriedly covering her upper body and running towards the room.
“My guy, my guy, you really know how to enjoy yourself”, he said with a mischievous smirk on his face.
“Na you sabi wetin u dey talk o!” I said pushing him out of the room and closing the down behind me.
Our drive to the Press conference was full of interrogation as you can imagine. Questions like; How is she? You don hit that thing? She get any better friend to hook me up with? Was she not the stoned girl from last night party?
How I wish we have the 5th amendment in our constitution so that I can take it but since that is lacking I decided to the remain silent all the same. I know my silence gives many meaning to the situation but as long as it’s not coming from my mouth am okay with that.

I was brought back to reality and my problems when my daughter came rushing into the living room full dressed for our daytrip. They were beautifully dressed in a matching outfit with ribbons attached to their hairs. Shade too came out looking beautiful as ever. Looking at her standing so lovely in front of me and knowing that I could not touch her, hug her or kiss her was killing me inside. Ijeoma too was coming with us, we are packed the necessary items we need for our small picnic. I drove my small crew to a recreation center close (Gamji park), we picked a spot that was closer to the flowing river kaduna.

Immediately Lola saw an Aboki with his horse for horse ride, she started shout Horse! Horse! Horse! We are burst out laughing. After settling down on our spot, Ijeoma took the kids for the horse ride and get some drinks while giving us some time to catch up or talk. It was awkward sitting there with the woman I pledge to love till death do us part, to love her in health and sickness, infact the lady I was planning to have a good time with just less than 24 hour ago. She started the conversation.
“Uche am very sorry” she said sobbing
“sorry for what? That you were caught or that you were cheating on me in my own bed?” I replied. She could feel the hurt in my voice.
“seriously am sorry for everything” she said
“what should I do with the sorry shade? Is it not too late?”
“no it’s not, we can work on it, try to get back to who we were before this incidence” she said moving closer to me.
“you called this an incident? I caught you having sex with my best friend”, I remarked
“yes I know, but it was a mistake” she said now crying
“how do you call having sex on our matrimonial bed with clothes scattered from living room to the bedroom a mistake?”
“That’s not fair” she said and immediately regretted saying that when she saw my face.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Nothing, please forget I said anything” she said lowing her voice, because people have started to pay attention to us but I wasn’t in the mood to be stopped so I continued.
“but you know I can not do that, and I think it’s very necessary for you to explain your statement to me”


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